Hutcheson, Hume, Moral Sense and Sympathy(2007-2019)

Glassgow University: the chapel. Hutcheson was teaching here from 1729 to his death (august 8, 1746)



Part I

Chapt. I Comparing 1726 with 1729 edition of Hutcheson’s Inquiry on Virtue

Chapt. II Comparing 1729 with 1738 edition of Hutcheson ‘s Inquiry on Virtue

Chapt. III Comparing 1728 with 1742 edition of Hutcheson’s Essay on Passions and Illustrations on Moral Sense

Chapt. IV A selection from Hutcheson’s System of Moral Philosophy (1755))

Chapt. V John Clarke’s Examination of the Notion of Virtue &c. [1726}

Chapt. VI A selection from Archibald Campbell’s Enquiry on the Original of Moral Virtue (1733)

Appendix I Hutcheson’s letter to Bibliotheque Angloise

Appendix II Hutcheson’s Letter to William Mace (Dublin, Sept6, 1727)

Appendix III Joseph Butler on Sympathy , (Sermon v on Compassion, of Fifteens Sermons &c)