David Hume’s Moral Scepticism 1984

The first part of the present work is primarily concerned with the biographical details that prepared and accompanied the publication of A Treatise of Human Nature.

In the second part of the work the books on the passions and on morals are discussed, without forgetting the details of his life and his milieu, if the Treatise was a ‘juvenile work’, as Hume declared at the end of his life.

Hutcheson, Hume, Moral Sense and Sympathy (2007-2019)

‘Moral distinctions not deriv’d from reason’, ‘Moral distinctions deriv’d from a moral sense’ These are the titles of the sections that open Book III Of Morals of Hume’s Treatise of Human Nature. Neverthless sympathy dominates the third last part of the volume.

My book is dedicated to this coexistence.